In addition to providing comprehensive investment planning and risk-appropriate, diversified investment portfolio management, we carefully evaluate a variety of other opportunities and tailor them to your unique situation. 
It might be introducing you to a CPA to assist with tax planning or an attorney to assess a will or trust.  Perhaps you seek guidance with company benefits, such as a 401k and stock plan, or an exit strategy for your business.  Maybe you want to establish college savings for kids or grandkids, or tax-efficiently gift money to loved ones or favorite charities.  
We help identify, prioritize, and address what’s most important to you. 

Learn more about specific Customized Solutions below:

Estate Planning

Protecting your hard-earned wealth matters to us as much as helping you grow it.  We collaborate with you and, when appropriate, your attorney and tax professional in order to develop and execute a cohesive and successful game plan.

Your wealth’s evolution generally follows this sequence:

Accumulation > Preservation > Transition

We carefully consider each of these important phases as part of your Estate Planning.

Gifting & Charitable Giving

We can help magnify the difference you make in the lives of loved ones and for charitable organizations, while minimizing your tax burden.  We use a variety of proven strategies, such as highly appreciated stock gifts, Donor Advised Funds, and Qualified Charitable Donations.

Education Funding

We fully support investing in higher education, but that can come with quite a price tag. Don’t let this deter you. We project costs from kindergarten through graduate school, and identify the best, most tax-efficient funding plan. While college is a common goal, this also includes advanced education in trade, technical, and professional schools. 529 savings plan are often the best solution, but not in all cases. We will thoughtfully guide you through this important financial goal.


  • Mortgages
  • Lines of Credit
  • Custom lending strategies for a wide variety of purchases

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Insurance & Annuities

We work with you to determine the appropriate type and amount of insurance necessary to protect you and your family from uncertainty at every stage of your life.

  • Term and permanent life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Long Term Care insurance
  • Medicare consultation         

We consider annuities as a potential way to guarantee immediate or future income, but only when it makes sense for our clients. We represent a variety of highly rated insurance and annuity companies, which helps enable us to objectively identify the most appropriate, cost-effective solution.

Tax-Advantaged Strategies

We identify account types, investments, savings plans, and specific actions that offer tax-exempt, tax-deferred, or tax-favorable benefits, including (but not limited to):

  • Roth IRA’s and 401k’s and Roth conversions
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Capital gain and loss harvesting
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Annuities
  • Tax efficient income streams
  • Deferred compensation

Small Business Services

While many think financial advisors only work with families and individuals, our experience proves that businesses can benefit from partnering with us, too.       

  • Retirement plans
  • High yielding cash and working capital management
  • Exit strategies (we maintain strong relationships with experts in and outside of our firm to help you navigate this through a variety of lucrative and fulfilling outcomes, such ESOPs, family transfers, and selling your business)

Company Retirement Plans

We offer best in class options for a variety of plans, including 401k, SIMPLE, 403b, 457, and cash balance. We compare your existing plan to what we would recommend, using side by side criteria such as fund quality, costs, and returns. We offer start-up plans, too.  

We emphasize ERISA compliance at every level so that your plan fiduciaries and participants are protected.

We provide regular on-site education or virtual meetings with remote employees. We can also host a series of on-site “lunch and learns” featuring timely topics in wealth planning.

Alternative Investments

We work with many acclaimed institutional money managers specializing in non-correlating asset classes, such as:

  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity & debt
  • Real estate
  • Commodities & Managed Futures
Alternative investments, such as hedge funds, private equity/private debt funds (collectively referred to as private capital) and private real estate funds, are not appropriate for all investors and are only open to "accredited" or "qualified" investors within the meaning of the U.S. securities laws. 

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Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor. Any estate plan should be reviewed by an attorney who specializes in estate planning and is licensed to practice law in your state.
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