Investment Management

Your asset allocation (your mix of investments) will depend largely on what we uncover during our first conversations. We will determine the appropriate level of risk to take across your portfolio, factoring in:

  • Results of your Investment Plan
  • Your investment experience
  • Your financial objectives and time horizon to achieve them

Our diversified, well-balanced stock and bond portfolios incorporate:

  • Big, blue chip, dividend yielding US-based companies as the core
  • Small- and mid-sized domestic companies and international exposure as appropriate
  • Innovative companies with long-term growth potential
  • All 11 industry sectors of the S&P 500 (energy, materials, industrial, information technology, financials, health care, consumer staples, consumer discretionary, telecommunication, real estate, and utilities)

We take a holistic view of your investment portfolio, including assets at our firm and outside holdings, such as 401(k)s and other work-related retirement plans, stock and executive compensation programs, college savings plans, and other investments. We provide specific recommendations on how to best align these outside investments with your Utah Wealth Management portfolio.

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